Estonian Road Administration procured from Martem road lighting management system – Lumoflex City CMS.


Martem AS Lighting Control Box Controllers  (LCBC’s) will be installed in South- and West Estonia regions.

Estonian Road Administration will have now full overview and full control over road lighting cabinets. They can control luminaire feeders as well as dimming lines and Estonian Road Administration contracted maintenance partners can add to the software (Lumoflex City CMS) overview what work is done and what work is planned to do in future.

Procured smart lighting system Lumoflex City CMS will help Estonian Road Administration by saving maintenance time and money due to the full control and overview of the luminaires cabinets.

Martem AS contribubuted with its RTU equipment and SCADA software to the Crossed Swords 2018, the cyber defence exercise.


Exercise was focused on enhancing further cooperation and information sharing between civilian and military spheres, joining together Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) providers and military units. It was organized by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, a NATO-accredited cyber defence hub in Tallinn in partnership with CERT.LV and took place in Latvia

Lighting Control Box Controller (LCBC) for Smart Street lighting


The system based on Martem´s LCBCs, Cityntel´s luminaire controllers and movement sensors has been set up in Tartu city in Estonia.

We are working on development of the system by complementing it with other useful enviromental sensors.

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